Email Marketing

The fact that 81% of small and medium businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition method, and 80% use it for customer retention is testimony to the utility of email marketing, which only requires a modest marketing budget but offers high returns if done well.

At e Seo Pros, we use email marketing as a part of internet marketing, which includes digital or online marketing through websites, blogs, social media, blogs, and other platforms. In email marketing,companies use emails to communicate and sell their products or services to potential customers and be in touch with existing ones. Email marketing is productive for businesses of every size, though it is an especially effective tool for small businesses to scale up and grow. Moreover, email marketing is particularly useful in developing relationships with potential clients or customers.

An email is a direct mail sent electronically instead of the postal service. But email and email marketing can either build your customer base and increase sales or end up making you lose precious customers and goodwill, which, if you are in the field of growing a business and making money, is not good.

An example of unprofessional and unproductive email marketing is spam emails announcing attractive deals. Buying an email list and repeatedly blasting messages with juicy offers for products and services is a sure-shot way to anger and irritate receivers of such emails and also hurts the image of email marketing, which, if utilized professionally, can be a powerful deal-maker than a deal-breaker.

At e Seo Pros, we believe that email marketing is an excellent way for businesses to keep customers informed and customize their marketing and brand messages to their audience.

Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to reach out to a specific cluster of customers or individuals: for example, offering customers special occasion deals on products or services. Another example is an apparel brand sending an email to customers on their anniversaries or birthdays and offering a 20% discount.

The skilled and experienced email marketing team at e Seo Pros creates personalized marketing campaigns. It helps businesses develop and maintain a high-recall relationship with customers and grows sales and customer loyalty.

Email Marketing Is Convenient and Low-Cost

Price and ease are two of the best advantages of email marketing. Emailing is an inexpensive method of advertising your company and its offerings compared to other types of marketing.

Email marketing is easily accessible to small businesses, as it is quite simple to set up and track a planned email marketing campaign.

Companies can include the option of a newsletter sign-up ontheir websites and then send newsletters to this email list, which expands as more people sign up. A regular newsletter is an effective way to communicate updates about your company, special offers, and upcoming events. Moreover, email software makes it convenient to arrange automated promotional emails for customers who have not purchased your products or services recently.

Email Marketing Is Not Irrelevant

There’s a tendency to be dismissive about sending emails to market business offerings in the age of social media;however, at e Seo Pros, we provide clients the following data to inform them about the potential of email marketing:

  • 59% of people surveyed said email influenced their purchase decisions
  • 49% of people surveyed say they would like to receive promotional emails from their preferred brands every week
  • A dollar spent on email marketing can give a return of $42!
  • 91% of users of email check emails a minimum of once a day
  • Compared to social media (1%), email marketing has a conversion rate of 2.3%
  • In 2019, there were 3.9 billion users, and by 2023 there will be 4.3 billion
  • 6 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2019
  • 81% of small and medium business rely on email as their main customer acquisition method, and 80% use it for customer retention
  • Adding videos to your emails can enhance click rates by 300%

An email has a significant advantage over social media: customers and readers are likely to view an email message compared to a social media post. Posting a message on social media doesn’t automatically mean that targeted people will read it. But an email will be in the inbox until the targeted customer reads it or deletes it.

However, there’s no need for a face-off between email and social media marketing: email marketing can be utilized with social media messaging. For example, at e Seo Pros, we add social media “Share” or “Like” buttons to your marketing emails to provide your customers another way to connect with your brand. Businesses can also include snippets of positive reviews from social media fans in emails. Alongside,social media postings can be utilized to egg on fans to subscribe to email newsletters.

The email marketing professionals at e Seo Pros can help you significantly enhance your business growth, as email marketing is an efficient and productive way to encourage people to visit your website or blog,convert the increased traffic into more customers, and generate more sales.

Tips For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Productive email marketing requires effort and patience. Follow these strategies to create effective and result-oriented email marketing campaigns:

Generate your own list: Don’t send unsolicited emails and turn people off and still expect them to be your customers. Ensure that your customers are opting to receive your emails: be it through your store, website, or at an event.

Follow CAN-SPAM Act rules: The rules require you to mention your name and address at the end of the email, have a non-deceptive subject line, and a way to unsubscribe emails.

Don’t send buy ads all the time: Utilize emails to create rapport with customers by providing insights and tips, share your or other people’s expertise, and communicate information about yourself and your company.

Be courteous to people in the email list:Remember that people have entrusted you with their email and contact information. Make them feel special if you want to convert them to fans and even evangelists for your brand from customers. Also, when sending out a newsletter, stick to a schedule. Decide on the day or days. It will enable your subscribers to know when to expect an email from you.

Optimize email for mobile: Statistics indicate that about half of emails are opened and read on mobile phones.

Since email marketing in the right hands can do wonders for customer contact and acquisition and your business, choose an internet marketing company like e Seo Pros, which has the experience and skills in devising an effective email marketing strategy after consulting with you and understanding your requirements.