Make the Most of Your SEO Content

With more people searching for services and buying products online than ever before, search engine optimization (SEO) should be a primary tool in your marketing plan to draw leads to your website and convert them into customers in a cost-effective way.

While SEO encompasses an entire network of activities, content is a critical component of the strategy. Quality website content is the foundation of your SEO plan and website strategy, and thus, the lifeblood of your online marketing plan. To craft quality SEO content, certain factors must be considered, including:

Identifying the Right Keywords

If you’re taking the time to craft good content, you want to make sure it gets seen. Quality SEO content is only as good as the words you use on your pages, as that is all search engines can “read”. Research what keywords people are using by using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool or by typing words and phrases into Google. The autofill will give you a good indication of what phrases are most commonly used. Only use keywords that directly relate to your business. Identify these keywords and phrases first, before building content around them. Keywords should be included in titles, meta description tags, and image alt tags on web pages, as well throughout the body text at around 2-3% keyword density.

Write on Relevant, Compelling Topics

The best SEO content holds readers’ attention and even inspires them to share it with friends and followers. Shareable, enjoyable content draws more readers to your site and holds their attention longer. Continuously relevant subjects also extend the life of your content. Use analytics to track how different subjects engage your audience, and build content around the most effective, engaging topics.

Watch Your Word Count

Search engines prefer web content that is at least 300 words in length, while readers likely start to tune out after around 500 words. While a 2,000 word page on a particular topic is great, your reader will likely get bored of the lengthy content after a short period of time. If you have a lot to say, make sure you break up the copy with subheads, images, and bullet points to keep the reader engaged.

Maximization of Optimization

There are several tools available that help you to maximize SEO. Some good ones for WordPress platforms include Yoast and similar products that guide you through crafting SEO-friendly content with titles, body, meta tags, and meta descriptions.

Edit Your Text

You want polished, easily read content that looks professional. Typos and poor grammar take the reader out of the content, so be sure to take the time to self-edit your work. Programs like Microsoft Office, Pages, and Google docs make it easy with spellcheck and grammar check built in. Use them!

Make Content Easily Shared

People can’t read your content if they don’t know it exists. Market your content to your social media followers, use relevant hashtags to raise awareness, and link back to your content in comments on other blogs and platforms.

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