Local SEO

Why Invest In Local SEO

Investing in local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website is not only necessary for running and growing a business but also for survival because 97% of consumers with an internet connection find local products and services through an online search. And 81% of people carry out online research before making a large purchase. So if you are not using local SEO to get new customer traffic, you are missing out on many customers and a lot of sales.

Customers explore search engines to find the product, service, or information they require to make a purchase. They enter words or a combination of words, which are called keywords or search keywords, like the name or category of a product or service, price, a technical term, zip code, city, town, or community to search for the information. Customers click on a relevant search-generated webpage, visit and browse a website, find the details, and make a decision.

SEO and local SEO ensure that prospective customers find your business on search engines like Google. The SEO experts of e  Seo Pros do so by including the most relevant and searched keywords in your zip code and nearby areas so that your business receives top ranking in a search by your potential customers.

Featuring Your Business In Google’s ‘Local 3-Pack’

e Seo Pros can use local SEO to enable your business to appear in Google’s 3-pack — the most sought after visibility and traffic-attracting page position in search engine results. The 3-pack, which used to be a 5-pack some time back, is the topmost position, right after Google displays search results and features 3 local companies based on local SEO and other ranking parameters.

You need an experienced, trustworthy, and competent digital marketing company like e Seo Pros to get your business website to attract the required traffic to receive new visitors and push the purchase of your offerings.

Two vital statistics indicate why you need the services of a dedicated internet marketing company to execute the best possible local SEO strategy to remain competitive and profitable. As per a Ahref study of 1 billion web pages, 90.63% of content receives no traffic from Google, and your website should not fall in the other 9.37%, and75% of visitors find the information they require on the first page of search engines.

How Our Local SEO Work Separates Us From Our Competitors

e Seo Pros is a professional digital marketing company that provides skills in all important aspects of internet marketing such as SEO, email marketing, website design, paid search marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. We look at SEO from every vital angle.

However, what separates us from our competitors are two things: our confidence in executing successful local SEO strategies is based on doing it repeatedly for many years. When assessing a business’s SEO needs, e Seo Pros is never lost for a strategy. Our highly competent local SEO professionals know what’s to be done, and they do it systematically.

Secondly, e Seo Pros knows the different product and service industries: what kind of SEO works for which industry, product, service, and location. So we combine expertise in local SEO and industry know-how to identify customer-attracting keywords and execute result-oriented local SEO strategies for your business. For example, in the automotive or the dental industries, e Seo Pros will be aware of the latest trends in automotive and dental SEO to attract new customers and patients, respectively, and help expand your business.

Our Local SEO Is Google-CompatibleAnd Safe

Google’s search algorithm or logic of search is extremely dynamic, complex, and ranks those websites high that have SEO and local SEO practices that follow its protocol. We are aware that quick-fix and unsafe SEO strategies will damage both your name and the perception of your website.

e Seo Pros achieves results by using only proven SEO best practices to optimize your website, increase customer search and site traffic, and generate new business so that you never worry about how you are faring in local search results.

We Constantly Adjust To Google’s Changing Search And Indexing Algorithms

Ever since July 2014, when Google launched the first version of its Pigeon update:  a feature that enabled local businesses to compete for search engine rankings locally —e Seo Pros has kept track of Google’s ever-changing search and local search algorithms.

Google changes its search ranking algorithm 500 to 600 times in a year, which makes local search involving specifying a location, even more accurate and effective. Whenever Google changes its algorithm to search for websites, we add the new and specific elements that decide site ranking to a client’s website. The major Google screening elements are given below:

Visitor’s Engagement With Website:We ask the following questions to know the level of engagement —do visitors remain on your site or “bounce” and return to their search and move to another site, or do they ignore your listing and never click to find out more?

Loading Speed: If your site loads at low speed, potential customers will stop and look for another website.

Mobile-Friendly Website: Your site should be mobile version-friendly, or visitors will search for another website.

Original Content:Do you have unique or freshly-written and relevant content on your website? Is it useful in answering highly-specific questions of prospective customers?

When a person or a customer carries out a Google search, the search engine’s algorithm considers multiple ranking criteria, which are frequently refined and modified. The highly-experienced local SEO team of e Seo Pros keeps track of these changes and implements them when required.

Important Reasons Why Local SEO Is Critical For Your Business

Having a website is no guarantee of a customer finding your website or your offering. Your website needs smart and outcome-oriented SEO to attract and channel visitors into customers, and here are some essential reasons:

  • 86% of surveyed consumers said they utilized a search engine to know something new, as per Pew, and local SEO can target this consumer sentiment
  • According to NewsCred, 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has a significant impact on lead generation
  • SEO has 18.8% close rate according to Search Engine Journal
  • Local SEO can increase brand awareness: especially to re-target potential customers who may have exited your website
  • 97% of consumers use a search engine to search for products and services, as per the US Small Business Administration agency
  • Local SEO improves business credibility, an aspect that’s rewarded by Google via high ranking, which consumers trust
  • Local SEO makes your site’s architecture appear professional
  • Customers can be tracked to see their location, steps taken to arrive at your store, and the search engine keywords utilized to reach you

SEO Raises Your Brand Value

Your website is also a business real estate. An effective local SEO strategy can enable you to seal a highly successful and profitable deal when the time or the opportunity arises to sell your business or one of its brands. But you will attract the attention of buyers only when they find your digital presence is a high-value asset due to its search engine rankings, page rank, traffic, link popularity, and social referral traffic.

Local SEO Is The Engine That Attracts Visitors And Drives Sales

If you are still unsure about the importance of local SEO to bring your site and webpages up on the first page of search engine results, the following local SEO statistics will undoubtedly change your mind.

  • 46% of 3.5 billion daily Google searches are local
  • Physical stores that utilized location-specific, in-store mobile coupons witnessed a whopping 9,916% increase in their sales. It means thata business found a potential customer online, and the company appreciated their interest with a coupon at the time of checkout, and they became a customer.
  • 86% of people used Google Maps to search for a local business
  • Once found online, about 80% of location searches end in a purchase at the business’s physical store location
  • As per Google, there’s a 900% increase in the use of search keywords “near me/close by”— and both search terms are critical to successful local SEO
  • In mobile searches, searches utilizing the search words “today” or “now” have increased by 150%
  • By the end of 2020, 50% of all searches are likely to be voice-activated. So Business must optimize for both — searchers on a smartphone or utilizing voice search, and both can lead the customer to your shop or office without any significant effort or marketing spend.
  • Since 2015, “where to buy” online searches have grown by 85%, which means local customers want to visit your store near their location instead of probably ordering online

However, all the research on local SEO and knowing the importance of SEO will not get results if you don’t know how to use local SEO to increase sales. You need the service of a professional digital marketing company. e Seo Pros has successfully provided local SEO services to numerous clients. We use our rich experience and data-driven strategies to enhance your company’s online presence and get customers moving to your stores.

From local SEO to web design, mobile marketing, to paid search marketing, e Seo Pros can help you formulate and execute an intelligent local SEO and digital marketing strategy. We will enable your business to come up at the top of your local search results, make new customers, increase market share, and lay a strong foundation for the growth of your business.