Maps Marketing

If you run a store, restaurant, dental practice, a hospital, or any other type of brick and mortar business, but NOT showing up on Google Maps, then it can be the difference between being invisible to customers and making lots of money.

But despite more than 1 billion monthly active Google Maps users, many local businesses still don’t know about the ability of Maps to make them leaders in search rankings, attracting new customers, and growing their business. In fact, a recent study indicated that 56% of local companies with stories have still not claimed their Google My Business listing!

 If you feel your business has no visibility in Google Maps and is not featured in the local 3-pack, e Seo pros’ Google Maps and local SEO services can help you maximize the search exposure of your business.

At e Seo Pros, we enable businesses to make use of the potential of Google Maps marketing and capitalize on large-scale marketing opportunities. We apply an integrated approach to local SEO by combining on-site optimization, review generation, Google My Business (GMB) optimization, and other trusted strategies. Different businesses can use the multi-faceted approach offered by Google Maps – from the local 3-pack listings to ranked Google Maps results.

e Seo Pros understands your unique requirements and objectives while planning and carrying out Google Maps SEO and optimization services for your business. We offer comprehensive optimization solutions to enhance your visibility in both ranked Google Maps results and the local 3 pack search results. Being AdWords certified, e Seo Pros can also businesses utilize the full potential in Google Maps advertising.

To make you aware of both the challenges and potential of Google Maps marketing and local maps SEO, the findings of a recent study will be useful to go through.

Google My Business (GMB) Study

After Bright Local, a company that specializes in local digital marketing, conducted a recent benchmark study on Google My Business (GMB) by going through the listings of 45,000 anonymous local businesses across 36 industries, it found:

  • It takes 1009 searches per month for a business to be found, 84% of them from discovery searches
  • 49% of businesses get over 1000 views on search in a month
  • Car dealerships get the highest number of website visits and calls from GMB
  • Hotels have the highest views on Maps and Search
  • 5% of GMB listing views generate a call, website click, or a direction request
  • On GMB, local businesses have a median of 11 photographs
  • Direct searches grew by 38% between Q4 2017 and Q4 2018, and site clicks from GMB listings increased by 29%

Local SEO Services for Google Maps

Customized optimization meant only for Google Maps marketing has become a vital part of local SEO. To appear at the top of Google Maps listings in Google Maps search results and in the local 3-pack is a sought-after outcome for any business that intends to market to a local or geographically-targeted audience. At e Seo Pros, we believe that local maps SEO pushes up qualified local traffic to every kind of business, and Google maps optimization and local maps SEO is a productive and worthwhile investment for any company.

Google Maps And Its Marketing Value

The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on Google usually show local maps listings depending on the users’ keyword search and location. For example, if someone searches for “mexican food, san diego,” Google will show geographically-relevant search results along with the local map. It does not matter whether the originator of the search is located in San Diego because the user utilized a geo-modifier in the keyword query, and Google then displayed the following local SERP shown below:

Picture grab of the SERP

Which Ranking Variables Influence Google Maps SEO

Compared to traditional organic SEO, optimizing a business to show up in the local 3-pack or Google local maps, SEO involves multiple unique variables. Some of the major ranking factors that determine Google local maps SEO are:

  • Is the company’s Google My Business page verified with the business?
  • The accuracy and volume of “citations” or mentions of the business name, phone number, and address on other website listing platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Yellow pages
  • The average rating and volume of reviews on Google My Business local page
  • The area where the business is located in relattion to the center of the geo-target or city
  • How well-optimized and populated is a company’s Google My Business page
  • The company website’s domain authority
  • Whether the citation is appropriately linked to the Google My Business page and how the citation is mentioned on the company’s web site

The above are some of the significant ranking factors that affect local maps SEO and helps us get your business showcased in the local 3-pack. e Seo Pros will design well-thought and executed Google Maps SEO plans as part of your powerful marketing strategy for your business.

Why Is Google Maps Marketing Essential?

Due to the rapidly rising use of mobile internet, the relevance and usefulness of Google Maps marketing are gaining popularity among all types of businesses.

  • More than 80% of internet users own a smartphone; consequently mobile use has become the center of today’s digital environment
  • More than 50% of Google searches on mobile devices are carried out to search for a local service, product, business, or information
  • For users seeking local solutions, Google Maps are featured prominently on mobile devices; therefore, Google Maps marketing provides large-scale advertising exposure for any business
  • Apart from marketing, Google Maps shows general business and brand information including physical location, hours of operation, driving direction, and customer reviews

The techniques utilized for Google Maps optimization to market your business through local maps SEO have proven to be highly effective in enhancing search engine visibility in the 3-pack listings.

At e Seo Pros, we recommend that Google maps marketing and local maps SEO are highly critical for businesses with multiple locations or those who want to carry out franchise SEO. Read on to know more about our Google Maps SEO services.

How To Form A Local Maps SEO Services Strategy

A business is required first to be listed on the chosen search engine (Google My Business, Yahoo! business listings, or Bing Local) to accomplish a useful local maps SEO strategy. Often, a company may already have an established Google My Business page but may not even know about it.

So, to begin with, e Seo Pros conducts a comprehensive review of a company’s web properties before embarking on Google Maps marketing. An essential aspect of Google Maps optimization is to verify and claim the ownership of the Google My Business page, and the initial steps to do so are given below:

  • Fill out all the required information such as an address, hours of operation, and contact details
  • Tag the Google My Business page with the relevant categories to correctly categorize your listing
  • Include optimized images and videos of your business
  • Begin a review generation strategy to have more 5-star review ratings on Google My Business and other web listing platforms such as Bing Local and Yelp
  • Audit a local business’s citations and optimize all citations for consistency and accuracy

At e Seo Pros, we know that Google maps marketing and local maps SEO is a highly-effective and result-oriented aspect of SEO. It can be the difference between increasing customers and business and losing customers and business to your local competition.